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Eddie Aikau Invitational T-Shirts

Quiksilver is the official headquarters for all your Eddie Aikau Invitational t-shirts! These shirts are only available for a limited time and sell out quick.
T-shirts are $22.00
and are available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Long Sleeve T-Shirts $25.00
Emblem Tanks $19.00
Eddie Would Tanks $32.00
Half Court Tanks $36.00
Boys T-Shirts $18.00
Eddie Aikau Windbreaker $55.00
New Wave Eddie Shorts $65.00
Eddie Vee Shorts $55.00
Division Eddie Shorts $62.00
Boy's Shorts $45.00
Petro or Eddie Would Go Hats $26.00
Eddie Emblem Hat $24.00
Backpack $50.00
Call us at (808) 637-5026 to order yours now!

Eddie Would Go Tee

Eddie Emblem Long Sleeve Tee

Eddie Emblem Tee

Everday Eddie Aikau Windbreaker

Eddie Band Tee

Eddie Went Tee / Tank / Long Sleeve

Half Court Tank

Eddie Would Tank

Eddie Emblem Tank

Eddie Vee 21' Boardshorts

New Wave Eddie 20" Boardshorts

Division Eddie Vee 21" Boarshorts

Eddie Would Go Hat

Eddie Petro Hat

Eddie Emblem Hat

Eddie Aikau 1969 Special Large Backpack

Eddie Would Go Tee (Boys 8-16)

Everyday Eddie 14.5" Boardshorts (Boys 2-7)